Underfloor HeatingUnderfloor Heating Mat 200W 3.5M2


£267.60 Inc VAT


Product Code: PKM-200-0350

Coverage (M2): 3.5

Length: 7.0 m

Wattage: 719W

Price (inc. VAT): £267.60

200W heating mats are easy-to-install and designed to provide energy-efficient tile warming, or a full heating system, in all types of room. This award winning underfloor heating mat range reacts significantly faster than less powerful systems, and the ultra-thin cable on mesh construction ensures floor levels are only raised by a few millimetres.

200W mats are designed for use under tile or stone and cannot be laid directly onto wood or other floor coverings unless the floor base is skimmed with 2-3mm of flexible tile adhesive/levelling compound or thermal underfloor insulation boards are laid first.

200W heating mats are remarkably simple to operate using a Heat Mat or electric underfloor heating thermostat and provide luxurious warm tile, or natural stone, floors.

  • Designed to provide sole source heating, even in conservatories and other high heat loss rooms
  • When used with an intelligent thermostat timer, 200W systems cost less to run than lower powered alternatives
  • Technologically advanced wire design and a robust high-powered heating cable
  • Particularly suitable for large areas, where loose heating cables could take three times as long to fit


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