Underfloor HeatingUnderfloor Heating Mat 110W 2.0m2


£103.20 Inc VAT


Product Code: PKM-110-0200

Coverage (M2): 2.0

Length: 4.0 m

Wattage: 220W

Price (inc. VAT): £103.20

110W mats are often used in energy-efficient new builds, passivhaus properties or eco-homes where a low output system will easily heat rooms. 110W mats can be used as sole source heating or support other forms of heating in a property.

110W heating mats are economical to run over larger areas due to their lower power consumption and a lower output system reduces the likelihood of problems caused by thermal blocks.

  • Cost effective solution for energy efficient homes
  • Lower power consumption required
  • Lower loading required
  • Easy-to-install
  • Low running costs


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