AdhesivesTilemaster Tanking Paste – 2.5kg


£32.13 Inc VAT


Product Code: TA-P

Brand: tilemaster adhesives

Size: 2.5kg

Colour: blue

Price (inc. VAT): £32.13

Tilemaster Tanking Paste is a single coat, fast drying sealant system based on co-polymer technology. It is designed to produce a barrier to moisture that is flexible enough to accommodate slight movement and/or vibration which may be expected under normal conditions of use in and around well constructed, structurally stable floors, walls and shower cubicles. The system seals, stabilises and prepares substrates ready for the installation of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles.

2.5kg Tanking Paste covers approximately 7m²


  • Protects water sensitive substrates from exposure to water
  • Seals and stabilises surfaces prior to applying tiles
  • Single coat system, no priming required
  • Fast drying, apply tiles after 3 hours
  • Ready to use, easy to apply
  • Ideal for wetrooms, showers, steamrooms and bathrooms
  • Can be used internally and externally
Surface / Substrate

  • Domestic and Commercial Showers
  • Bathrooms
  • Wetrooms
  • Steamrooms
  • Laundry/Utility Rooms
  • Areas Subject to Prolonged Wet Conditions




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