Heat MatsInsulation BoardsThermal Insulation Board 3.60 M2 (6mm)


£118.80 Inc VAT

Thermal insulation boards are specifically designed for electric underfloor heating and will improve the energy efficiency and warm-up time of a system.

The waterproof boards are constructed with a concrete exterior for strength; this also helps to evenly spread the heat over the floor.


Product Code: TTB-006-5PCK

Coverage (M2): 3.60

Thickness (mm): 6

Pack Size: 5 boards

Price (inc Vat): £118.80

Thermal insulation board is ideal for insulating your floor and boosting the warm up time and efficiency of your underfloor heating system. The product is suitable for use beneath any of our underfloor heating systems and the boards can pay for themselves, through reduced heating bills, in as little as 3 years when used on un-insulated bases.

Underfloor heating insulation boards minimise downward heat loss. When 10mm boards are used beneath a 200W system the floor will normally heat up in as little as 20 minutes and they add very little build height for a great energy saving measure.

  • Minimise downward heat loss
  • Guarantees no floor movement
  • Can withstand a load of 30 tonne/m2
  • Manufactured in the UK, BBA approved
  • 4mm, 6mm, 10mm or 20mm thicknesses kept in stock

Board Sizes

Dimensions: All boards are 0.6m wide x 1.2m in length.

Thickness (mm) Weight (Kg/Board) U Value (W/m2K)
4.0 2.60 3.75
6.0 2.35 3.05
10.0 2.37 2.23
12.5 2.42 1.91
20.0 2.59 1.33
30.0 2.81 0.95
40.0 3.03 0.74
50.0 3.25 0.60
60.0 3.47 0.51
70.0 3.69 0.44

(4mm, 6mm, 10mm and 20mm kept in stock)



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