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Genesis Aluminium Dividing Strips are designed to link flooring materials with little or no height variation. The T-shape allows subsequent application.
Simply pressed into a joint filled with silicone or adhesive link and ceramic and parquet, natural stone, concrete or laminate. The respective edges are covered in such a way that the marginal areas of the flooring material cannot be damaged.

Dividing Strips

The metal dividing strip is a decorative and practical dividing trim used to cover gaps and slight imperfections in floor finishes at the same height.

Suitable for use with ceramic tiles, woods and other hard floor finishes the strip will also accommodate and cover small movement between the two floor finishes.

The suitability of product to be installed must be determined if chemical or mechanical stresses are anticipated.

The profile can also be formed to provide a neat and discreet solution to the problem of protecting edges of the floor finishes in curved areas.

When using the mill finish aluminium it is important to note that adhesive and grout residue must be removed from the profile as oxidisation and discolouration will occur.

If using the brass profile then ensure a cleaning regime is undertaken to prevent oxidisation and discolouration.



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3x10mm 91 – Bright Silver, 5×10 mm 80 – Mill Aluminium


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