Heat MatsIce & Snow Melting Systems50W driveway heating cable (21m)


£285.60 Inc VAT


Product Code: ICE-50W-1050

Description: 21m Driveway heating cable – 4.2m2 at 250W – 15m coldtail

Length: 21m

Price (inc. VAT): £285.60

Driveway, Walkway and Ramp De-icing

  • Fully automated clearance of ice, snow and frost
  • Improved safety for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Maintain access by keeping loading ramps, parking ramps and entrances clear
  • These cables can accept hot asphalt laid directly onto them ensuring a fast installation

The robust heating wire systems are suitable to protect driveways, car parks, pathways, steps, loading ramps and bridges. When used in conjunction with intelligent thermostats they provide an energy efficient and fully automated heating system. Heat Mat’s Scandinavian designed Ice & Snow melting systems can be used beneath virtually any surface to ensure it remains free from dangerous ice and snow build-up.

Why install a Heat Mat driveway de-icing system?

  • Improved safety for vehicles and pedestrians as surfaces are automatically safe to drive and walk on
  • Automated clearance of ice and snow, ensuring that Health and Safety requirements can be met and that the first person on site does not have to make the area safe
  • Surfaces (particularly concrete) are not damaged by grit and salt, and are also protected from the normal freeze/thaw activity in winter
  • Specialist cables for use with hot asphalt are available – ideal for use under tarmac drives, concrete or block paving
  • The surrounding ground and waterways are protected from salt pollution
  • A number of different sensors and timers can be combined to ensure that the system only operates when it is required, minimising energy usage
  • Entirely maintenance free. Once the system is installed there is no requirement for any maintenance work and some systems include an automatic alarm warning if the system fails, for whatever reason
  • A tried and trusted system. These systems have been used in Scandinavia for more than a decade and have proved their worth in extreme temperatures and weather conditions


Supply Voltage 230V+/-10%
Maximum load 55W per meter
Output Range 1.05kW – 4.25kW
Standard Range 21m – 85m
 Coverage at 250W/m 4.2m2 and 17.0m2
 Coverage at 300W/m 3.5m2 and 14.2m2
Coldtail lead 5m double insulated cable
Wire thickness 10mm
Cable flexibility Minimum radius 100mm
IP Rating IPX7
Inner insulation 0.8mm silicon rubber (2G)
 Second layer insulation PVC (105) 90oC
Sacrificial insulation PVC 1.2mm
Earth protection 100% aluminium earth shield
Cable reinforcement Fibreglass strands
UV stability UV stable, not suitable for open air use
Fixing materials Choice of methods available
Compliant with 18th Edition IEE Wiring Regulations, 2006/95/EC


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